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Monday, July 5, 2010

In this Economy, Every American Needs a Plan B

It seems that every news report brings nothing but depression regarding how bad the economy is. Prices are going through the roof, and millions are faced with the possibility of losing their jobs.

The problem with these news reports is that nobody offers a solution other than an increase in the size and scope of government. Such an increase in government brings dependence, not independence.

It is also a shame that too many bring these worries onto themselves. People have been conditioned into believing that a good and stable job is the answer to their woes. However, these days there is no such thing as a good and stable job. Every employed person is in danger of losing his or her job within a heartbeat. That's a perfect example of instability.

This is the reason why every American should have a Plan B - starting today.

An employed American is a dependent American. With a Plan B business of one's own, an employed American can become independent, even if he or she begins part-time while working his or her full-time job.

An employed American depends on the boss for work. From the moment the employee accepts a job offer, he or she becomes dependent upon whether the employer needs the employee's services. The moment the employer no longer needs the employee, the employer cuts the employee loose. The employer keeps earning profits while the ex-employee immediately embarks on the dreaded job hunt. Sometimes the hunt lasts for months.

In contrast, someone with his or her own business no longer depends upon whether a boss needs his or her employment services. The self-employed simply focus on serving others. The more people he or she serves, the more business he or she will reap. The bigger the business grows, the less likely a return to subservient employment status will be required.

An employed American must allow the boss to dictate his or her worth. If a pay increase is desired or needed, then a negotiation with one's boss will be required. In contrast, a self-employed American can determine his or her own worth. Again, the bigger the business grows, the more one's worth increases; therefore, it will be in the self-employed's best interest to build the business as large as it can be built.

An employed American loses more money to taxation. Before he or she even receives the weekly paycheck, much already has been withheld. In contrast, a self-employed American enjoys many tax deductions in the course of his or her business. The self-employed may deduct expenses for gas mileage, food, entertainment, internet, office equipment, and so much more.

Some people may feel that they are not qualified to go into business for themselves because they possess no expertise to offer. However, these people are not seeing the big picture. They must realize that there is a myriad of companies willing to pay them simply for referring others to their products or services.

Every American has the power to share information with others. The power to communicate to another person is the power that can make one rich. For example, most Americans have spoken highly of a particular movie they watched, thereby increasing the likelihood of their friends and families paying to see the same movie. Imagine if the movie producers actually began paying them for this word-of-mouth advertising. Many companies, such as Pre-Paid Legal Services and others, are willing to pay hand-over-fist for precisely this type of exposure. It's only a matter of finding those companies, and being willing to embark on a new Plan B.

The news reports all around us speak of bad news. However, the good news is that opportunity abounds all around. Any person can change course today with a new Plan B.

Unfortunately, too many are "content" with their one and only Plan A.

Reed from SoCal
Christian iMarketing

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