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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three exposures a day in network marketing: No time off the clock!

Too many people choose against starting a home based business opportunity with a network marketing company because they think they don't have much time.

"I'm too busy," one mommy says.

"I work full time," a daddy rationalizes.

"My evenings aren't free," says a college student.

Everybody has excuses, and time always seems to be the culprit.

These people don't understand the magic of network marketing. With no time off the clock, you can expose at least three people a day.

It must be understood that when one joins a network marketing company, he or she must view it as a long-term commitment that will yield a long-term income. If someone thinks that network marketing should only provide an upfront windfall in order to take the opportunity seriously, then that person's philosophy is entirely wrong.

The harvest comes after planting seeds, which does not require much time at all!

The question is, Are you committed to planting seeds?

With just three exposures a day, one can build a long-term residual income. Depending upon the company, you don't even have to do the selling. Use a third-party tool, such as a DVD, magazine, website, audio CD, or brochure, to do the selling for you. It is unnecessary to spend hours per day working on your business. Just be committed to exposing three people a day, and results will eventually come!

This is called split-second marketing, and it can happen on the fly!

If you're standing in line at Starbucks, strike up a friendly conversation with your neighbor, handing her a DVD or magazine about your opportunity. BAM! Exposure!

If you're talking to a friend on your cell phone, quickly mention your pre-recorded sizzle call, and give him the phone number and PIN digits. BAM! Exposure!

If you receive an email from a marketer promoting his wares, reply to him and suggest your website URL. BAM! Exposure!

With almost zero time off the clock, you have just made three exposures. How hard was that?

With just three exposures per day over the course of a year, you would ultimately expose 1,095 people to your network marketing opportunity. Do you think that at least a few of those people would be interested in what originally interested you?

What if a reputable company paid you generous up-front fast-start cash in addition to override commissions and residual income? Would three-exposures-a-day be worth it to you?

The next time someone says, "I don't have time," ask her how much "time" you spent exposing her to your opportunity.

Better yet, if you're the one saying you don't have time, then why did you spend time reading this article?