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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't Let the Internet Replace Your Personal Touch

I just read a headline of a network marketer who wrote that the internet is "killing MLM".

In a way, I agree with him - to a point.

There once was a time when people got online thinking they would make a lot of money simply by getting a website. However, they later discovered that they needed traffic to their websites. Without traffic, an internet business dies.

So then people said, All I need is website traffic, and I'm there! So, they generated a bunch of traffic, but they still didn't make the lifetime residual income in network marketing that they were looking for.

What happened?

Although the internet is an incredibly great tool for business and marketing, it does not replace the personal touch. High-tech should never replace the personal touch.

Instead of selecting a network marketing company that solely uses the internet to drive its marketing plan, select a wise company that keeps the internet in perspective.

Find a company with a product or service that you believe in. Then, without forsaking offline traditional marketing methods, use the internet and traffic tools to put yourself in contact with new prospects whom you otherwise never would have met. Then - and this is probably the most difficult of all - personally call the prospect and introduce yourself!

You will be amazed how many people on the internet will be pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from someone whose website they just visited.

Set up your website capture page in such a way to obtain your prospects' telephone numbers, or - at the very least - their email addresses.

Assuming your follow-up autoresponders are doing much of your marketing automatically, let your prospects know that you are available on a personal level by giving them a phone call.

Compared to your competition, your personal touch can result in a permanent business relationship that can last years. In the network marketing industry, such a relationship could be worth millions.

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